Jul 032006

Flock: The web browser for you and your friends.
So I spent the week getting more familiar with this new browser called Flock. Here’s the deal: the favorites manager is freakin’ fantastic, the news feature is great, and the blog feature is pretty tight. Granted, I haven’t fiddled with Flickr much by itself, and thus I haven’t tinkered with Flock’s integration with Flickr. But if the integration is anywhere near as nice as what they’ve done with syndication (RSS) or favorites management, I’m sure everyone will be pleased.

So let me get a little more specific. I was just reading through some news using the ‘My News’ feature of Flock, and I came to a realization: Flock is sweet! Finally, I’ve found an RSS reader/aggregator that I can live happily with. I’ve tried integrations with Outlook, rojo.com (which is painfully freakin’ slow), newsgator, and RSSOwl. I’ve been displeased with all of them (which may in small part be due to my own lack of comfort with where I prefer my news to be aggregated). Flock makes it easy. If you’re on a site that syndicates its content, you’ll see the RSS symbol on the right side of the address bar. Click on that icon, click on the drop down, then drag the ‘subscribe’ image to the category you want it in on the left sidebar. Done. I’ve got all my stuff in there from engadget and techcrunch to Knowledge@Wharton, woot, and ESPN.
Now, the favorites manager is really nice; probably the very best thing about this browser. Even better than del.icio.us by itself. Not only can Flock seamlessly enable you to save and tag your bookmarks to del.icio.us, but its got the best bookmark search feature i’ve ever seen. When you go to del.icio.us and look for something, you generally look by clicking certain tags. Flock allows you to search by keyword, which could be a tag, a part of a URL, the title of the bookmark, or part of the description of the bookmark that you entered when you saved it. When no search terms are entered, Flock shows you all of your bookmarks. If you’re looking for something in particular, just type in a related keywork, and Flock pairs it down for you, showing only what is relevant after each keystroke. It’s very responsive. Great, great feature.

Now currently I’m typing this blog post using Flock’s blog integration. I dragged the flock image from flock.com to the snippet bar at the bottom of the browser, right clicked it and said ‘blog this’. Flock opened up the blog window and inserted the image for me. Nice! Standard formatting tools are available, and I have the option to publish this post to any number of blogs. The only thing lacking here is that I’d like to have the ability to publish to more than one blog at the same time. Hey Flock guys, can you hook this up?

In summary, Flock rules. If you don’t use it yet, you’re missing out. Go get it now.

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