Jul 042006

I came across this article today and was a bit taken aback.  What it says is that Photobucket (which I believe is an image sharing site) has released its own version of the new Flock browser which specifically removes support for Flickr and adds support for its own service.

Certain things strike me as odd about this:

  1. Why wouldn’t Flock just release itself with support for both Flickr and Photobucket?
  2. Does Photobucket really think that this maneuver will gain them a broader user base?

First of all, if Flock doesn’t release it’s next beta with support for both Flickr and Photobucket, I’ll be quite surprised.  Surely Flock is concerned with growing its user base; segragating its market serves them no economic advantage as far as I can see.

As for Photobucket, if they are the ones offerring the browser to their current user base, how does this help them whatsoever?  Those people are already using Photobucket!!!

So why do I care?  Well here’s the thing.  There are so many freakin’ photo sharing sites out there, I don’t know which one to use.  I’ve got my stuff on Riya currently, but that’s not integrated with Flock.  And yes, I want it all damn it.  I know of several other services that I have not really tried, like Yahoo Photos, Flickr, Photobucket, and a few others.  If I end up using Photobucket, I want it integrated with the standard Flock browser, not some half assed branch from Photobucket themselves.

Anyway, if anyone has any reccomendations on what is the very best photo sharing site and reasons why, I’d love to hear them.  Riya is cool, but it comes up short in my opinion.  I’d like to hear about what’s better and why.

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  5 Responses to “This is crap – A specialized version of Flock”

  1. Thanks for checking it out. The current version of Flock supports both Photobucket and Flickr. The version that is distributed by Photobucket only supports their service out of the box, but Flickr support can be enabled in it.

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  3. Well look at that – I stand corrected. I’m running Flock version 0.7.1 and it does indeed have support for both Flickr and Photobucket.

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