Jun 162008

As we at Ringside build out our administrator dashboard, I’ve been working on a feed retrieval API and a new social tag for feeds.  When developing applications for Facebook, the application can only publish feed entries via the Facebook API, but there is no way to retrieve those feed entries.  The Ringside feed tag will enable just such a capability, as well as the ability to import RSS feeds from anywhere online.  Here’s how:

<rs:feed-aggregator display="byDateTime">

  <rs:feed uid="100042" friends="true"
    actions="false" stories="true" />

    url="http://del.icio.us/rss/ringsidenetworks" />


This example is slightly complicated, so I’ll break it down piece by piece. The first thing to note is the feed-aggregator tag. This tag aggregates feed entries for all of its contained feed tags, and displays them according to the value of the display attribute. Currently, feed entries can be displayed by date and time or by tag.

Next you’ll notice that the feed tag can be used in different ways. The first feed tag in the example reads from the social network’s database and is controlled by the attributes specified.  The feed tag will retrieve feed entries relative to the id of the specified user.  Alternatively, the ‘actorid’ attribute can be specified for feeds that are relative to pages or applications.  If the ‘friends’ attribute is true, only the entries by the user’s friends will be displayed.  The Facebook API enables the publication of actions and stories, and those attributes determine whether the feed tag should retrieve actions, stories, or both.

The second feed tag in the example is what you would think it is for – reading and displaying RSS feeds.  The feed tag will retrieve the latest feed entries from the specified URL and display them according to the display attribute, which is not shown in this example since the feed-aggregator tag will do all rendering according to its display attribute.

This should be pretty exciting for social application developers, since integrating RSS feeds and social network feeds into their applications will become very easy.

These tags are currently under development, so if you have ideas to make them even better, please share your thoughts via a comment below.

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  1. this is really cool!!

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