Sep 082008

Today is my first day working with Alfresco, which I am very excited about!  Let me tell you why.

Over the weekend I read an old article by Peter Drucker called “Managing Oneself”.  In it he basically says that knowledge workers should know their strengths, how they perform best, and what their values are.  Then you can make well informed decisions regarding where you belong and what you can contribute.  I found this article very interesting in light of my recent job search.  When I started out, I knew what my strengths were.  First, I have deep technical experience as a software engineer, having spent eight of the last ten years writing software, and doing all of the things associated with it (see my profile on LinkedIn for details). Second, I’m very well versed in Agile process design, modeling, implementation, and deployment, having spent two years working with a great team on developing the processes for an Agile software development methodology that was also CMMI level 3 compliant.  That methodology is well on its way to becoming THE official Agile delivery method for Accenture. Third, I have been an active ScrumMaster since January of this year, and thus have competency with Agile project management (for which I’ve been told by several people that I do a very good job with).  Finally, I’ve always had a thirst for learning, have a commitment to delivering quality work products, and work very well as part of a team.

I perform best under deadlines. I learn best by doing, and second best by reading.  I believe that I work best as part of a small organization.  I value integrity, family, learning and growth, excellence, and service.  In the workplace, that means doing the right thing, doing it well, doing it transparently, serving the customer, and always learning and growing.  That’s the kind of environment that I want, and I believe I have found it with Alfresco.

Alfresco is an open source software company that delivers enterprise content management software.  In my new role, as I understand it, I will be doing some pre-sales work, identifying how Alfresco software can help deliver on potential customers’ needs.  I’ll also be doing some architecture and design work for customers and partners, once they’ve made a decision to use Alfresco’s software.  Finally, I’ll be doing some development, contributing back to the open source products that Alfresco offers.  In this role, I believe I can leverage my strengths as a software engineer, as a planner (the process work I did required lots of planning), and as a project manager.  I’ll get to learn and hopefully master the domain of enterprise content management.  I believe the team is a very good one, based on my interviews, a person I know that works there (Hi Jess!), and Matt Asay, whose blog I have been reading on and off since the beginning of this year.  Not to mention the successful nature of the business!

So today I begin a new journey with a new team, and I’m very excited to get started!  I hope to define exactly what I will contribute over the coming weeks while learning about enterprise content management.  If anyone has suggestions or ideas on how I can quickly come up to speed, please comment here and let me know!

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