Jan 012012

This morning I came across a post by Chris Brogan about his three words for 2012, and for once, I was pleased with what the blogosphere had to say during this new year time period.  Usually we’re all inundated with articles about “the top 10 whatevers of 2011″ or “the 7 things to do in 2012″, or posts with predictions for the new year.  Chris wrote about how he sets his goals for the new year, which is exactly how I do it as well.

So in the spirit of sharing (and to begin executing on one of mine immediately), here are my three words for 2012: Plan, execute, network.

  1. Plan. For me, planning encompasses big picture thinking, strategy, and consistent weekly planning.  I intend to spend some time every week thinking about how I’m spending my time, and whether it’s the best use of my time in pursuit of my goals.  I will also continue my practice of planning by the role in my life (husband, father, student, employee, etc.), as suggested by Stephen Covey in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, which I had to re-read this year for a class I took.  I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now, and together with the help of OmniFocus for the iPad, it’s been working very well for me.
  2. Execute. This is about focus for me.  Part of the changeless core within me is that I find everything interesting, and typically think I can get anything (and everything) done, regardless of how busy my life is.  Though I know that I have my limits, I always struggle with this.  In 2012, I intend to take pause before I commit to taking on a new project of any kind.  I need to learn to separate my enthusiasm from my workload, and pay more attention to the latter.
  3. Network. This is a big one for me that encapsulates several things at once, namely strategic thinking in IT, making new industry connections, solution selling, relationship development, and social media.  That may seem like just a big list of stuff, but it does all come together.  Now that I’ll be a bit more freed up this year since I’ll complete my MBA in May, I intend to spend some of that newly found time developing my base of knowledge regarding what CIOs are thinking about and struggling with.  I expect to do some blogging along the way, make new connections in pursuit of that knowledge via Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and use that knowledge to help solve problems for my customers and prospects.

So those are my three words for 2012.  I’d love to hear what you think about it, so please, drop me a note here, or catch me on Twitter.  What are your three words for 2012?