Apr 012013

Over the holidays, Pentaho developed and released the 12 days of visualizations, demonstrating the platform’s flexibility and how easy it can be to add new ways to visualize data.  I of course installed them all, enabling them within Pentaho Analyzer in the Pentaho User Console, but I never did figure out how to get them to run in PDI or Instaview.  But today changed everything…

Thanks to my colleague Sal Scalisi, I discovered that those visualizations could be deployed for use in PDI and Instaview by unzipping them to this location:


After restarting PDI, the custom visualizations were all available in the Visualization perspective, as shown here:

I would like to re-articulate the disclaimer made along with the release of these visualizations though:

These visualizations are provided for demonstration purposes ONLY.  They are provided with no warranty or commitments regarding the quality of the sample and/or platform support.  Many of the underlying charting libraries used in these samples only work on a subset of browsers that are part of Pentaho’s official support matrix.

Note that you will be installing these at your own risk.  For support purposes, you may be asked to disable these plugins within PDI and Instaview in order to fully debug any issues you may be experiencing.

Also, please note that this is not an April Fool’s joke, despite my posting it on April 1st.  If you want one of those, see here.


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